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Email marketing

We listened to a great podcast recently with Kim Arnold on creating emails that work.

Not your mass marketing emails. Your own personal day-to-day emails. Learning how to get what you want out of these emails.

It’s crucial really, especially when…

😳 Every person spends an average of over 52,000 hours on email in their lifetime
😳 90% of people have never been taught to write a good email!

We often aren’t sending emails for the fun of it. We want action. So how do we get it? How to get people to do something?

We’ve put together 5 1/2 quick tips to help you stop spamming people and create targeted actionable emails.



#1. Value quality over quantity. Get off autopilot and slow down instead of sending out lots of emails without thought.

#2. Think about how to engage your audience. Apply your normal marketing tactics to your own inbox!

#3. Make it about them not you. Focus on making it easy to reply to you, rather than on making it easy for you to write the email.

#4. Is your email compelling? Is there a clear call to action? Did you ask them one thing and make it easy for them to do it?

#5. Employ the SAS principle*.

#5.5. Generally when we shorten emails, we make them better. So try to keep it to 80 words max!


The SAS Principle


Don’t waste your opener. You have 3 secs to grab attention. Create a hook and start with something interesting. If you know the person make it personal. Think about who you are writing to … if they are a super direct person, don’t waste their time with a soft start such as, ‘Hope you are well’.

Don’t bury this deep in the email. And don’t offer too many choices. Don’t be over-polite. And don’t give your reader too much work to do, by writing too many words! Be succinct. Ask for one thing and one thing only. Ask for it at the end of the email and be precise, for example, if you ask for a meeting, be positive – give dates and times.

Subject line
Don’t write this before you’ve written your email. Come back to your subject line at the end. Think of it as an ‘appetiser’.  And put as much effort into this as you do your email. Make it intriguing, use curiosity, incentives, or good news…


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