Steps to Storytelling


We have been involved in putting together a lot of campaign strategies,  collateral, and plans, looking at how we communicate brand messages, and for us, it keeps coming back to storytelling.

It isn’t an easy process but done well it is incredibly valuable.



#1. Storytelling in marketing is exactly that, telling the story of your brand, product, service, or initiative.

#2. Use a story to simplify the delivery of your message. Stories create an emotional connection that will boost your audience engagement.

#3. Make your story entertaining, educational and memorable but always keep your audience in mind.

#4. Consider sharing your customer’s and employees’ stories as part of the bigger narrative.

#5. Stories can be delivered in lots of ways – choose the medium that works for you; video, text, or images.

#5.5. Finish with how your customer benefits from the solution – give them a happy ending!


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