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Maximising your Event Marketing

Speaker marketing

We are coming to the end of a long run of events and reflecting on another successful season. We’ve been working in events for many years and this year it’s been great getting back onsite, interacting face to face again. But for those involved it’s a big investment, so it’s unsurprising that everyone expects to see ROI.


There are plenty of marketing activities that are suited to driving registrations for events but we think one of the most under-utilised, effective and cost efficient channel is engaging your speakers and harnessing their networks.


So here are our ten top tips for effective speaker marketing and interaction:


#1. Engage with your speakers early and ask them to promote their session to build attendance. Often they will have large networks, so it’s a great way of building your own. 


#2. Personalise their experience. Create their own banner graphics and registration links so you can measure which speakers generated most registrations. You can do this yourself or there are some great tools available like Gleanin which make it incredibly easy.


#3. Use their content and share this to create social conversations before the event. They may even consider writing fresh content specifically for your event. 


Network#4. Study the networks they have. Where are most of their interactions? Who is their audience? What communications do they send out? For example, do they have a newsletter that they would include your event in? Will they include your event on their website?


#5. If your event is a pay-to-attend, consider offering a discount for them to pass onto their network. Alternatively, if it’s not paid, could you offer an alternative incentive? For example, could they host a meet-up or after-hours gathering at your event?


#6. Keep your comms short and with clear call-to-actions. They are busy people so make it easy for them to know exactly what you want from them.Checklist


#7. Ensure your speaker journey is well planned and is as seamless for them as possible. By treating them to a VIP experience on the day both you and they will reap the rewards of positive word of mouth after the event!


#8. Make it easy for your speaker to share the event. Provide them with an asset pack, so they have everything about the event in one place, share a hashtag with them, write posts for them and give them promotional material to hand out at other (non-competitive) events they are doing.


#9. Discuss their goals with them. Do they have a book they want to promote? Do they have a product about to launch? Are they a consultant? Consider how you can promote their services in your communications, which will encourage them to share.


#10. Give a teaser of what is to come. Hold a pre-event interview or panel which wets the appetite of your audience.


Remember, keep your communications to your audience short and sweet. They won’t respond if they’re inundated with information too quickly across platforms. Spread out your communications well in advance of your event.


By giving your speakers the tools and encouragement to share the event is both mutually beneficial for them and you. Done well, the amplification of messaging will reach wider audiences and build networks that you may not have previously reached.

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