Marketing with Flexibility


We have been involved in plenty of marketing campaigns lately but with the sad news of Queen Elizabeth II passing for some of our clients, we needed to do some quick pivoting.



#1. Not even the most seasoned marketers can know exactly what will resonate when they launch a campaign

#2. It’s important to try new things, but be prepared to be flexible

#3. Set up tools to monitor and measure progress so that you can tell quickly if elements of a campaign need adapting. And get into the habit of monitoring these regularly.

#4. Consider AB testing and evaluate different platforms – don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it doesn’t work.

#5. Don’t consider it a failure if you have to stop and start again, or change a campaign part way through. You’ll learn much more by your failures and actually result in greater success in the long run.

#5.5. A little bit of fine-tuning can have a big impact!


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