Harnessing Creativity

Trying to be creative all the time can be tough. Constantly thinking of new and original ideas, staring at your screen or a blank page, waiting for the inspiration to come. We’ve all been there!  Sometimes taking a break away from it can be a massive help to reset, but we thought we’d share the things that we do to stay creative….




#1. Where do you think best? – We’ve identified where we are most creative and they’re our go to places when we need a bit of inspiration. For Adele it is definitely when she’s on a run (our to-do lists seem to double per mile ha!). For Fiona it’s getting in the pool and swimming! 


#2. Share the thought process – Our biggest USP at Fidelity is we’re a partnership – and two heads are better than one. It’s a fact. So more often than not our best work comes from the small seed of an idea, a silly thought, a “just putting it out there”,  an associated phrase which we write down in our planning notes and then we both mull it over, talk about it, take it down different avenues, grow it and then build on it. It’s definitely a creative journey. 


#3. Open your mind…sometimes when you’re aren’t thinking about it the best ideas come to you! We definitely like to take breaks when we hit a wall, have a coffee and revisit things with a clear head and a fresh perspective.


#4. Ask people! If you’re stuck, speak to those around you. The conversations you have in those incidental encounters could help you look at things from a totally different angle.


#5. Don’t stop there! – Fiona’s favourite word when we think we have it nailed is just to have another little “tinker”. Play around with your ideas, even if you think you’ve got THE ONE. Take it a little further and see where is leads. See if there is another way of saying it, illustrating it, making it come to life even more. Always reflect, review & make time for tweaks.


#5.5. You could dig deeper and use a method like the Six Thinking Hats to make sure you have covered all styles and perspectives. To find out more on this method take a look here – https://www.debonogroup.com/services/core-programs/six-thinking-hats/ 


And remember, if you’re getting stuck for creativity or things just aren’t hitting the mark then it may be time to reach out for some support. We would love to help, so why don’t you drop us a line!


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