Getting Started on your Marketing Strategy


We’ve recently been working on marketing strategies for a number of our lovely clients and always see common threads with the process, so we’ve put together some top tips for how to approach putting together an actionable marketing strategy.



#1. Have clarity about your direction & where you are going? What are the commercial goals? What are the SMART objectives?

#2. Consider how you can deliver these through your marketing activities and build your plan around these.

#3. Ensure your strategy is actionable – there is no point in having a strategy that you can’t deliver.

#4. Build data collection into what you are doing. Continuously collect consumer insights and sense-check your communications and activities.

#5. Ensure you interpret your data in the best possible way – discern the meaning behind the data you’ve collected and use it to iterate your strategy.

#5.5. Continuously monitor performance against agreed measures. Don’t be afraid to adapt and flex your strategy to meet your goals.


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