Customer Segmentation

For many, customer segmentation can feel like a huge mountain to climb. So to help, we have put together 5 (and 1/2!) handy tips to get you started; helping you be more efficient, more engaging & essentially, grow your business…



#1. Think about who your customer / clients / audience are… what are their age, gender, interests, objectives? What are their challenges?

#2. Is there anyone you would love to work with but don’t yet? Why not? Maybe what you are saying doesn’t resonate with them.

#3. Split your database up into the different targets you identify, as you probably want to talk to each one differently.

#4. Create a tailored strategy for each target. Don’t waste time on channels that your audience segments may not interact with.

#5. Test your strategies to see if they work! Measure which channels and messages are most effective and don’t be afraid to make modifications.

#5.5. Don’t forget to regularly review your segments…the world around us changes quickly!


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