About us

Fidelity; (noun): /fɪˈdɛlɪti/Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.
2020 was a memorable year for many reasons. But one real positive that came out of it for us was that we founded Fidelity Marketing Solutions. It’s a special partnership formed by two like-minded people with a real desire to deliver for our clients.

Professional & Reliable

We are two creative marketing experts – Adele Balzan and Fiona Duffin. We’ve both worked in full-time senior marketing positions in a variety of different sectors across both B2B and B2C markets, then followed a similar path in becoming marketing consultants, engaging a broad range of clients both large and small.

Positive & Energetic

We’ve been working together since 2012 on a variety of projects and quickly realised that we have real symmetry in our work ethic and outlook on life – it’s been a real pleasure for us to work together and, finally, in 2020 it was the perfect time to create our partnership – Fidelity Marketing Solutions.

Creative & Fun

With years of experience to bring to every project, Fidelity is surrounded by a wonderful network of talented experts with specific skill sets who can work alongside you and your team to deliver the results you need. Together we will bring you a blend of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, ideas, organisation and professionalism…

...delivered with plenty of smiles and positivity!

Cake, coffee, swimming, long walks, log fires, sea air, a big gin, Cornish beaches, belly laughing and a good Netflix series.

Fiona Duffin

Baking & eating cakes, coffee, running in forests, mountain hikes, skiing, walking my dog Caspar, a large Hendriks gin & Buffy the vampire slayer.

Adele Balzan

reliable professional effective fun creative positive fidelity marketing solutions
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